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spyder1070 posted this on Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:01 am | View user's profileSend private messageReply with quote

“Murdoc, are you in there?” Noodle asks with a slow rap on the bassist's door. Moments later she hears the soft clomp of boots against a hard surface. So she steps back and leans against the railing, holding on to it tightly with her fingers while watching the door. Holding her breath when it slowly begins to open. She catches the dark glint of one of Murdoc's eyes through the gap in the door and grits her teeth.

“Maybe?” he rumbles deeply, the amusement quite clear in his voice. Huffing out and rolling her eyes at that. She adjusts her grip on the railing and shoots him a purse lipped look of annoyance in reply. He chuckles and opens the door wider, poking his head out of the room and looking up and down the landing, for any sign of anyone else that may be standing there. “What'cha want luv?” he then asks with a cool smile, once he's certain that they're alone. Not seeing any sign of the angry man that had been screaming into her face yesterday. The young woman lets out a soft breath and steps forwards. Hoping that he's in good enough a mood to discuss a few of the things that she has discovered recently.

“I would like to talk to you, if I may?” she asks firmly. Standing up straighter and opening his door wider. With a grand flourish of his hand he invites her in with a wry smile set firmly on his face. She widens her eyes slightly at that and gazes into the darkness. Then shoots him an icy look that makes him snigger in amusement and wave her down. Knowing that she wouldn't step in there, even if the rest of the building was on fire. He steps from the room and shuts the door behind him. Sliding his cigarettes from his pocket and popping one into his mouth with a quick look up to her eyes. He lets a low growl rumble down in his throat, with the rise of the level of the impatience that he can see in her face.

“Lead the way my dear,” he then jokes and lights up his cigarette.

On her way back to her room, Noodle runs through the things that she wants to say to him. Inviting the man to take a seat in her egg chair when they finally arrive. But he shakes his head and instead walks over to the window. Pressing aside the bamboo blind and looking out at the small garden area below. As if using the time himself to think, about what it is that she is going to ask him. Seeing this as him preferring to remain in a position of authority, by keeping his head higher than her own. She gives him even more power by sitting herself and clearing her throat so that he will look back and see this.

She knows that she made a big mistake yesterday and somehow, has to made amends and get him back to a comfortable position. Instead of being clever and reminding herself that the man was under a lot of stress and had had most of the rug pulled out from under him. Which would mean that he was already but a breath away from exploding at someone. She had gone and pushed the nuclear button in his chest, then stood in the way of the blast. Somehow thinking that because he'd never aimed his outbursts at her before. He wouldn't do it this time either. But as Stuart had said. She was a little girl back then. Which is more than likely why he had never done it before. Being a grown woman now, much has changed, including how he perceives and behaves around her. In her arrogance she had made things difficult for herself. But hopefully she has done enough over the years to warrant a little leeway with him.

“I'm sorry that I behaved so selfishly yesterday and did not think to take the hard work that you had done into account,” she says softly. He continues staring out the window for a while, remaining quiet, as though thinking about what she had just said.

“Glad to hear it,” he grunts and finally drops the blind and turns to look back at her. “Is that it?” he adds with a puff of smoke from his nostrils. She drops her gaze to the cigarette and studies the soft red glow for a moment.

“You yelled at me,” she mumbles softly, barely realising that she'd let the words escape her lips.

“You're not a kid any more luv. But then, I've never really thought of you as one and I already told you that. Look, I'm not gunna play daddy to you and I'm sure that you don't need me to anyway. But let me give you a few words of advice. The older you get, the closer you get. To having to pay for the amount of bullshit that you let slip from your trap. So sometimes it's best to keep it shut. Unless you can back it up with something that will close someone else's.” She stares at him quietly and he sees the dance of her eyes over his face. “Heh, you thought I'd say it again, didn't you?” he sneers at her and pulls himself up to full height, with a confident grunt.

“Sorry?” she asks, not quite catching the thread because she was far too busy thinking about what to say to his advice speech.

“That's fine luv, that's fine. Lets just call that a once in a life time moment and be done with it. Anything else?” he grins and starts to make a move towards the door.

“No no, what did you say?” He pauses and blinks at her, for a moment confused about the situation.

“Once in a lifetime?” he asks, she winds him back further with a hand gesture. “Err, thought that you'd say it again?”

“Hai,” she nods with a smile. “Say what again?” she then adds with a confused shake of her head.

“Suh... Ooo, you cheeky little sod,” the bassist chuckles in amusement, wagging a finger at the giggling young woman on the bed. At least he's in a far better mood than yesterday. Which more than likely means that things have gone back to the way they had been before.

“I would like to ask about something I found as well. If you would like to make yourself more comfortable?” she smiles, gesturing to the chair.

“Don't mind if I do,” the bassist grins and flops down on the bed next to her, shoving her over with a push from his hip. She sighs, but accepts him being there. Turning her body so that they aren't actually lying there together.

“It is about this,” she says and reaches under her mattress, pulling out the skin book and showing it to him. He snatches it from her hand with a smile and opens the pages, turning them as though reading it while peering at her from over the top.

“Now why did I know that you'd read this,” he rumbles deeply, closing the book and placing it down in his lap. “I don't even have to ask, I know what you've been looking for.”

“Answers,” Noodle remarks quietly, keeping her eyes focused on his.

“That's why you apologised, isn't it? To keep me sweet so that you can keep snooping,” he nods and rests back against the pillows, making himself more comfortable. She widens her eyes slightly and shakes her head. “No no, that's fine luv. I can respect that, I've done it myself to get what I want.” She sighs deeply and slumps her shoulders. On the one hand not wanting him to believe that she's that sort of person, but on the other not wanting to let him get off track, because it looks like he's prepared to give her some of the answers that she's been looking for.

“Noo, you in there?” Russel's voice calls from the door. Murdoc widens his eyes and dashes up from the bed. Knowing that if the drummer finds him in her room any where near her with the door closed, then he'll tear his arms off and beat him to death with them.

“Um, yes. Please wait,” Noodle calls back as the bassist searches the room for somewhere to hide. “Out the window,” she hisses, shoving the blind aside and opening it for him. He scrambles out onto the tiny ledge, hanging on tightly to the window frame with his fingers. Gritting his teeth as his boots slip and slide on the tiny surface, looking for some purchase. She turns back to the door and slams the window shut, not realising that that is what Murdoc was hanging onto and accidentally crushing the fingers of his left hand. “Come in,” she calls, then snaps a look back at the window when she hears a roar of pain and a thump. Slapping the blind aside and seeing that the bassist has completely vanished, she jumps up and looks down at the grass and the bushes below, wondering where he went.

“What you looking at?” Russel asks with a curious look.

“Nothing,” she replies and turns back to look at the large man, with a sweet smile on her face.

The next morning she sees the bassist limping his way up the stairs, so checking that no one is around, she quickly makes her way up after him. She'd searched for him after Russel had left her room, only to find that he was no where to be seen. Assuming that he'd made his way back to his own room and not willing to go anywhere near it. She'd waited to see if he'd come out for dinner. But once again there was no sign of him. Perhaps he'd hurt himself and being the kind of man that he is, did not wish to let anyone see him in that state, she'd considered at the time. Evening this morning there was no trace of the man. Which made her previous thought far more prevailing, in consideration of other possibilities that she'd come to since then.

“Get lost runt,” the bassist snarls when he sees her coming after him.

“Why aren't you using your chair?” the young woman asks, refusing to back down from him.

“I broke it. Not that it's any of your damn business,” he replies, pulling his door open. She pushes past him, slamming it shut again and placing herself between them, to bar the way.

“I am sorry that you fell from my window,” she says firmly, pulling his attention away from pushing her out of the way. Blinking at her in surprise and not wishing for her to continue thinking that is what had happened. The bassist pulls himself up to full height with a snort, firing a sharp glare down into her face.

“I did not, fall. I jumped. Didn't want the lard arse catching me and bothering me with his idiotic scenarios, about what he thinks I'm doing,” he huffs indignantly. “Now get out of the way.”

“No. I wish to speak to you,” Noodle responds firmly.

“Yeah, and I want twenty two sex starved virgins to suddenly appear in my bedroom,” he shrugs with an air of complete boredom. “Can't always get what we want though.... Actually, that might be them calling me now? So move.” Placing a hand against her shoulder, the older man is rather surprised when she grabs his finger and wrist, bending it back as though about to break it.

“I did not wish to use force, but you leave me no alternative,” she growls as she bend it back until he drops down to one knee; With his mouth open in a silent cry of pain, he shakily reaches up in an attempt to free his hand. “Will you speak to me?”

“Fuh,” he stammers and slaps the floor instead.

“Not the answer I wanted,” she purrs coldly and bends it a touch further. He slaps her leg then grabs it, digging a nail viciously into her flesh. “Kuso!” Instantly letting the man go, she pulls her fist back, ready to punch him, only to suddenly find herself falling backwards with the breath knocked out of her. Almost the second that she hits the floor the bassist is sitting on her stomach with both of her hands in his.

“Fine. Talk then,” he grins, watching the shocked look on her face change to one of anger.

“Get off,” she snarls in reply, pulling her hands out of his. Staring in surprise that it wasn't hard at all to do.

“Make up your mind luv,” he sighs and stands up, opening the door and moving to go inside. Noodle grabs his leg and pulls him back out, tightening her grip when he grabs the door handle to stop her pulling him any further. “Now what?”

“I want to talk, so get out here,” she snarls, pulling harder.

“Let go.”


“Let go bitch!”

“No! I want to talk about the book that I showed you yesterday!” Noodle snaps and finally tugs him loose.

All Hail the Purple Cloud of Mystery.

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