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thefluffyshrimp posted this on Wed Dec 08, 2004 10:26 pm | View user's profileSend private messageVisit poster's websiteAIM AddressReply with quote

Secret Past

Hello again Noodle!

Oh, I almost forgot to ask. What did you find out about your past in Japan? And how did you learn English so quickly? Did you ever find out why Kong Studios was closed?

Or are these questions going to be answered at a later date?

Other than that, how are you and the other Gorillaz doing? Any hookups? It seems like Murdoc (and 2D) are getting older. Is Murdoc getting grey hair already? Well, I suppose that's better than going bald. How is he handling it?


*glub glub* Guaranteed to induce seizures.

I am in a constant state of XD and $_$

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