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Shadow Colosuss posted this on Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:10 am | View user's profileSend private messageReply with quote

Then and Now

How has life changed from back when you were new here and today? For the better? Or worse (hopefully not)? Basically just talk about the goods and bads of your life and what's new and what's remained the same. I obviously won't write a memoir here so I'll make it short and sweet.

+: acquired my BA and MA degrees, traveled to a few interesting countries, became fluent in another language, got a job I'm satisfied with, and I have my own place.

-: suffered from a serious medical problem (that's resolved now), went through a bad break-up, lost contact with very amazing people, and someone near and dear to me passing away.

Overall, life's had its ups and downs for me. But I can't complain too much.


spyder1070 posted this on Sat Jun 23, 2018 12:50 am | View user's profileSend private messageReply with quote

I got a part time job as a gardener for the council.

Lost it, because I lost it. (my temper)

Spend my days playing Seven Days to Die; Zombie smashing and base building fun. I can't wait for alpha 17. Oxygen Not Included; Cosmic fun and survival inside an asteroid hurtling through space. Ark; shouldn't need a vague description of any kind. Planet Coaster; Weeeeee, roller coasters and fun park building. Forest; Ooooo, your plane crashes and some nasty naked cannibals steal your kid. Survive this biatch. State of Decay 2; More zombie action. Osiris New Dawn; Space! And giant, flipping Space Worms!!!!

*By the way, I don't do all of those at once. That would be silly.*

My uncle died, so I bought a turtle. His name is Shelby. *the turtle, not my dead uncle.*

That's pretty much it. I do watch a lot of Youtube videos though. Darkiplier and Anti-septic should do a small video series together. Just as a final thought.

* Oh if only. *

All Hail the Purple Cloud of Mystery.

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